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Announcement from Kiku of “Caught on Poloroid”

Hey everyone! Kiku here!

Just would like to apologize for our long absence. We took some time off from classes and toured Europe for a while. :D (Plenty of shenanigans went down along that trip, which I made sure to chronicle. Hopefully I’ll post those up at some point.) But, we are back, and plan on getting down to filling all of these pending requests sometime soon.

Also, I would like to announce that, due to the influx of requests, I have hired an amazing film editor to help me out in posting more videos for you all.

((Hellie Ace, co-author of “Of Song and Claw”, has offered to help me out in writing replies and one-shots for Caught on Poloroid. :D You can expect plenty of quality smut heading your way! ^^))

Requests are still closed at the moment, as I would like to catch up on the ones currently pending. Thank you for your patience!

I will make another announcement for when requests are open again. :D Thank you all again, and thank you to all the new follows as well! ^^

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prnd-deactivated20121224 Asked:
What's the most public place you've ever had sex in? :Da

"Wow, Artie, I think that’s a new record! I wonder if there is a competition for how fast someone can blush."

Arthur shot a glare at the other blond as the man in question quickly threw up his hands in defeat.

"Right, right, anyways," Alfred quickly returned to the subject at hand, "well, I think standin’ in the middle of the street was pretty public." Alfred grinned widely, as Arthur’s face grew even reder at the returning memory.

"You really had to bring up the situation with my brother’s car again, didn’t you?" Arthur accused as he shook his head, burying his face in his hand while doing so.

"They asked." Alfred chided, trying to feign innocence.

"Well, what about the time on the ferris wheel?"

Alfred was in full motion the moment the words came from Arthur’s lips, immedietly tackling the unsuspecting Englishman backwards onto the bed. “That… was the sexiest idea you have ever had, and one of the most romantic.” He flashed a warm smile as he leaned down to plant a kiss to Arthur’s forehead, which only increased he depth of rouge in Arthur’s features.

"W-well, what else were we going to do when the bloody thing got stuck and they needed to call in maintenance."

Alfred laughed, “you began to panic when that chopper came around to see into all the seats. Thankfully we had our picnic blanket to hide under, but I’m sure the swinging gave some folks an idea.” He winked causing Arthur to scoff at the imagery.

"We made it in the news during that one."

Alfred rolled off of Arthur at that, hysterical laughter racking his form, “oh God! When they interviewed us on how we felt about being stuck up there! Of course it all went down as soon as we got off the thing. Your hair was even messier than it normally is, not to mention your face was flushed.” He paused to nudge Arthur in the side with his elbow, “great idea for blaming the cold wind though.”

Arthur shoved at Alfred, which only incited more giggles from the American.

"What would you have had me say? We were copulating during the three hour wait for them to get the fucking thing moving?"

Alfred had to force his answer out between his giggles, “We needed to stay warm, right?”

Arthur sighed, “you will forever be insufferable.”

Alfred flashed his megawatt smile and leaned in to plant a quick kiss to Arthur’s cheek, “thanks babe!”

((My apologies on the delay in getting to submissions and asks. Otakon is next weekend 27-29 and i’m flying into Baltimore for the first time, so there is a lot of first time stress goin’ on. Lol This weekend I’m focusing a lot on a few original pieces for the show, but I should have a “video” to post, and I’ll answer more asks. Again, sorry ‘bout the delay, and if you’ve sent in a kink or ask it will be answered. :)

Thank you all again!


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Anonymous Asked:
Question for Kiku! Are you gay or bi or just whatever? Are you currently dating someone?

A blush crept up the Japanese student’s neck as he looked away.

"Ahh, you’re asking me a question?"

"Yeah, bro!"  Alfred plops down on the bed beside Kiku, tossing an arm around the smaller man encouragingly, "you run this blog.  Just cause it’s mainly about us doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get some attention.  You’re wicked awesome like that!"

"Ahh, right, thank you, Alfred."

"Haha, anytime!  So answer the question!"

Kiku fumbled over his answer as he tried to ignore Alfred’s arm that still slung around him, “I’m gay.”

Alfred laughed, “if that wasn’t obvious.  You only record two men having sex with each as a hobby.”


Alfred quickly ducked, immediately expecting a blow as their rather perturbed English roommate exited the bathroom. 

"Hey, babe!"  Alfred quickly stood, "how was your shower?"

Arthur simply shot daggers at Alfred, forcing him to sit down as if the Englishman’s will alone had forced him there.

"It was pleasant, until I heard your declaration of Kiku’s sexuality as obvious.  That was very rude."

Alfred stuttered, “b-but he is gay.  He just said-“

"Yes, and you immediately boasted that it was because he records us having sex.  If you haven’t noticed, Kiku has never had an erection by watching us."

"WHAT?"  Alfred then turned back to Kiku who could now put a tomato to shame.  "You’ve never gotten off to us goin’ at it, Kiku?"

Kiku simply shook his head.

"Wow, so, you were for real when you said all that garbage on making sex being an art form?"

Kiku nodded again.

"Damn, dude!  I’m impressed.  So now the next question is, who are you dating?" The American waggled his eyebrows, eager to find out who the lucky man was.

Arthur quickly stepped forward, “you don’t know who he’s dating?”  His tone completely dumb founded.

"Well, he never talks about anyone.  I just assumed-"

"You assume too much, Alfred.  Not everyone likes to be as open about their relationships as we do."  Arthur tutted as he ran his towel through his hair, sending small drops of water around as he did.

"Right then, fine."  Alfred sighed as he turned back around, "So, who’s the lucky man, Ki- Kiku?"

A chuckle came from behind Alfred as he turned around to see Arthur pointing at the door. “He has the right idea.”

"What? No way! That kind of information is vital amongst bros! Oh, it is so game on!"  Alfred jumped from his seat and ran for the slightly open door, hollering after their escaping roommate as he went.

Arthur smiled as he watched his own boyfriend take off out the door in hot pursuit, “I guess Kiku’s mystery lover will have to remain a secret for another time.”

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Anonymous Asked:
Exactly how did you guys become such uninhibited horndogs? Addicted to sex such as you are, I mean. How'd you realize it?

Alfred just grinned viciously, “when you go at it a few times a day, regardless of place, we figured somethin’ was up.”

Arthur tried his best attempt at staying serious, but Alfred’s stare and repetitive waggle of his eyebrows was quickly breaking his resolve.  “Ahh, yes, I guess that would be the best way of putting it.  We knew it was an addiction for the both of us when it began to interfere with our classwork and part-time jobs.”  Arthur blushed, “though we learned how to manage it quickly enough.”

"We love each other," Alfred moved in close to Arthur to twine their fingers together, "so we were determined on makin’ it work, but still bein’ productive."  He smiled brightly, "of course, it was real hard for me.  Tryin’ to keep my hands off of this one was a full-time job in itself."

Arthur jumped as his ass was suddenly squeezed, “so you must be on that clock now, I assume?”  Arthur shot a look over his shoulder at the man in question.

Alfred saluted, “just punched the clock, sir!  I am at your service!”

Arthur grinned, “then see to it that you’re well prepared in five minutes on that bed then.  You’re on my time now.”

An obvious shiver ran through the American at Arthur’s directness, and he was in their bedroom before Arthur could say another word.

"I’m a terrible influence."  Arthur winked, and then followed in behind the over-exuberant American so as to not waste anymore of their time.

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hoshiko2 Asked:
Do you guys have limits on what's "too far" in your s-excapades? (Such as things you absolutely will not do?)

Arthur’s face flushed scarlet as he looked away, hoping Alfred would speak up over such a question.  However, the linebacker seemed almost embarrassed at the thoughts himself, so Arthur blew out a sigh and took the initiative.

"Well, I can guarantee there won’t be any ‘Two Guys and a Cup’."


Arthur jumped at the sudden outburst from behind him, “Really!”

"I just can’t believe you said it that way.  You could have gone with the technical term of Scat, or even Coprophila even."  Alfred paused, "What?"

Arthur just stared at Alfred open mouthed and gawking.

"Okay, now you’re freakin’ me out, Artie.  You’ve never had that expression before."

Arthur floundered, “I-I just can’t believe you know those terms!”

Alfred blushed, “Hey, I’ve looked stuff up, doesn’t mean I have any interest in it.”

Arthur just stood up, turned, and walked out of the room.  All attempts at formulating a proper response alluding him in that moment.

"Hey, Artie!"  Standing up, Alfred turned only to pause a moment before twisting back and began ticking off on his fingers, "bloodplay, guro, and strangulation/asphyxiation, for just off the top of my head.  Oh, not for me, but at one point I saw Artie’s browsing history and he had quite a bit on sounding."  A shiver ran through the American at the thought.  "Peace!"

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Anonymous Asked:
What subjects are you all studying?

Alfred puffed out his chest, a wide grin plastered on his face, “Mechanical Engineering!  I’m rather obsessed over the environment, so I really want to have my hand in producing the most fuel efficient vehicles, or even coming up with something entirely new.  I love robotics as well.”

"You’re such a dork."  Arthur chuckled.

"Damn straight!  Not somethin’ you’d expect from a football player, right?"  He winked as he nudged Arthur in the side.

"Not usually, no.  After getting that scholarship I thought you would have gone on to professional."

Alfred shook his head, “Not me.  It’s a fun game, but I didn’t want to turn it into a career.  You can learn to hate something pretty fast if you turn it into a job.”

Arthur raised an eyebrow, “Very true.”

Alfred grinned at the rare compliment, “Artie’s studyin’ Urban Studies and Planning, which had me shocked when you came home with your course outline.  I thought you’d jump at literature or history.”

Arthur took his own time to grin at the returned compliment, “Yes, well, like you said, turn your favorite hobby into a career sometimes isn’t a wise choice.”  He paused, “both of our families grew up in rough suburban homes, and it always pained me seeing the way the schools and community centers were rarely taken care of.  I want to be able to step up and give these small cities and towns better opportunities, and in turn, hoping that it would offer the generations that grew up there better opportunities for their lives.”

Alfred smiled and slung an arm around Arthur’s shoulder, pulling him close to plant a kiss into his hair, “and I know you’ll set all sorts of new national standards that will really make this country better.  I wouldn’t be surprised if what you come up with goes international.” Alfred spread his arms out as if encompassing the whole world with them.

Arthur blushed, “I’ll be happy if I can help a few suffering towns and inner cities for right now.”

"Haha, don’t sell yourself short, you’ll do amazingly!"

Arthur chuckled again and turned his attention to their third member of their band, “Kiku’s studying Chemical Engineering.”

Kiku nodded, “Yes, I also wish to look out for the environment, and our,” he motioned between Alfred and himself, “plans were to be partners and develop new fuels and machines to better the world as we move into the future.”

Alfred nodded before getting up to walk over to Kiku, ruffling his hair as he flopped down beside him, “Hell yeah!  We’ll have that cool fuel system that uses trash like they had in Back to the Future 2!  Or, we’ll develop or find some sort of Dilithium crystal that they use in Star Trek!  Personal space crafts would be amazing!”  Alfred whooped as his ideas began to take off with him.

Kiku grinned, “Yes, well I wouldn’t jump that far ahead, but I would certainly like to help in researching new and better fuels to get away from fossil fuels.  Without a need for oil I think the world economy would truly improve greatly.”

All three of them nodded simaltaneously.

"Speaking of classes," Kiku continued, "don’t the both of you have your next class in fifteen minutes?"

"SHIT!" Was Alfred and Arthur’s identical response as they both clambered for their book bags and ran out the door.

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hysterical-bunny Asked:
Who asked who out first?

Arthur blushes at the sudden memory, “That would be Alfred.”

Alfred smiles as he picks up Arthur’s hand in his own, “You have no idea how nervous I was when I asked you out.”

Arthur looks over puzzled, “really?  You seemed quite bold when you pushed past that group of fawning cheerleaders.”

Alfred blushes then as he rubs at the back of his neck with his free hand, “Yeah, I was bankin’ on your need to escape.”

Arthur laughed, “You were certainly correct in that assumption. I wasn’t too fond of their… interest, they were showing me.”

"Although, you had me goin’ there for a while. After we went out I didn’t think you really had an interest in me."

Arthur eyed him suspiciously, “Why would you say that?”

"Well," Alfred started as he searched for his words, "you were rather stand-off-ish. Like, you seemed as though I’d be more of a burden than anything."

"Oh, you’re still very much a burden."


Arthur held up a hand, “but that’s never stopped me, has it now.”  He winked,  “I was more afraid of your own popularity. Being apart of the high school football team, I was worried your coming out would effect your place with the team.”

Alfred laughed as he slapped Arthur on the shoulder, “Nah, man, they were all cool.  Mattie’s gay and he was on the Hockey team. He came out before I did, and everyone knew my feelin’s ‘bout anyone messin’ with him.  Bein’ a linebacker has its perks.”  He laughed.

"I guess you have a point there." 

Alfred laughed again in response.

"Regardless of the reasons…" Arthur paused to look away again, a blush creeping up to his ears, "I’m really happy you took that chance."

Alfred only smiled, turned Arthur’s face slowly back to his own, and sealed their lips together in a slow and intimate kiss.

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((OOC: Regarding Kink Submissions))

((Hey everyone! First just wanna say thank you all for following this blog! It’s really blown my mind at how large and active it’s gotten. Yey for smut~! >D

Just so you know, I don’t delete any Asks, and if I haven’t gotten to your Ask it will be answered. I don’t delete anything. So never feel limited in asking anything. :)

Okay, main reason for this post, Kink Submissions will only be accepted now on the 1st Saturday of every month. This is mainly because of the length of the kinks, asks, and just my personal life being busy. I hadn’t expected so much response at the start so in order for me to get to everyone’s kink/ask I’m just going to limit the kinks.

New Rule: Kink Submissions Only Allowed on the 1st Saturday of every month.

Today submissions are still being accepted, but the next time you can submit won’t be till the 4th of August.

Hope that’s okay with everyone. ^^; Sorry, i’m such a slow writer. Lol

Again, thank you all for following and sending in such awesome kinks and asks. :D I hope you’re all having as much of a blast reading as I am writing/drawing. ^^

Also, in case anyone is going, I have an artist table this year at Otakon in Baltimore, July 27-29, Table Q04. If anyone is going do swing by and say ‘hi’! :D Don’t be shy cause i’m wicked friendly. ^^ Hope to see ya there! :D

~Ahro http://ahro.tumblr.com ))

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Anonymous Asked:
Ever consider sex addict classes?

"Considered, yes,"  Arthur started in, "but we learned to manage our addiction quite well throughout high school."

"Yes, you were great at cock blocking yourself."  Alfred said grudgingly as he munched on a protein bar.

Arthur huffed, “I was not going to let you flunk out because you couldn’t keep some semblance of control over yourself.”

"Hey!  I believe our sex life did wonders for me!  I went from honors to getting accepted into the IB program!"  Alfred fussed.

"Oh- so my assistance in helping you study did not account for any of that?"

"Well, with rewards such as sexual favors, how could I not do well?"  Alfred grinned wickedly as he nuzzled up close to Arthur, forcing a smile to crack Arthur’s otherwise serious tone.

"Maybe you should look into those sex addict classes, again."

Alfred sat back looking hurt, “You want me to flunk out of MIT?”

It was Arthur’s turn to grin back wickedly, “You’re a grown man now, you don’t need rewards for ‘A’s anymore, right?”  Arthur than stood up, making like he was going to leave, and trying his hardest to keep a straight face as he went for his jacket.

"Wha- Artie! I was only jokin’!  You helped me a lot with my studying! It wasn’t just for the reward! Please- Artie!" 

Arthur stopped and turned to quickly place a swift peck to Alfred’s lips, calming the American’s fussing while Arthur grinned to himself as he watched the tension melt from Alfred’s shoulders.

"I know, love, your panicking can just be highly entertaining sometimes."

Alfred winced, “So… I’m not sleeping in the Jeep tonight?”

"No, you’re sleeping in the Jeep."


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